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Make Packages with Packages: Beginner’s Introduction

Why use a package?

For backing up documents and photos, you would be better off using a program like Keka and just compress the data. However, if you are making a custom OS install and always need the same files and applications in the same places, building an install package is a faster, easier way to do things. Mac users are lucky to have a great, free program that makes the process simple too.


Packagesas the name would have you guess, is creates packages on the Mac OS. It’s homepage can be found here. It was built using part of the source code from Iceburg, a project by Stéphane Sudre that was used by developers in the pre OSX 10.7 days. Packages’ interface is easy to use for both beginners and advanced users. This introduction will walk through the steps needed to make your first installer package.

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