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Getting Live Exchange Rates in FileMaker

Getting live data from outside sources is often a requirement of FileMaker solutions. In this post I’ll explain how we can do a simple import of JSON data from a URL. I updated this post to include two solutions, one using AppleScript and the other utilizing a new (easy) function in the latest editions of FileMaker to do most of the work.

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Mac OS & Python: An Introduction for the Applescripter

Applescript is a great tool for us Mac users. It’s a scripting language that’s easy and simple enough to not scare away true beginners. A fun feature of Applescript is how to write code, since almost looks like regular English sentences. Applescript was the first scripting language I felt comfortable using. However, its ceiling of limits is pretty low. For some tasks it’s better to turn to other tools.

When jumping from the Applescript ship to Python, the water seems mighty cold. There is a lot more ‘computer code’ and all the commands are new and foreign. Plus, the language’s name is a type of snake! You’ll be feeling homesick for the ease of Applescript, but these feelings will pass.

Python’s developers wanted to create a language that was fun to learn and use, that’s why they named it after the British comedic troupe, Monty Python. And when compared to other languages, like C and Pearl, it is easy to pickup and learn. Continue reading Mac OS & Python: An Introduction for the Applescripter

Barcodes for FileMaker, The Free and Easy Way

I wasn’t willing to pay $49, $99, or $199 to add barcodes to my databases. Luckily, we don’t have to pay for something that we can do ourselves for free!

The first step will be to insert a custom function the converts ASCII text into Code 128, which requires both a check sum and character conversion. I have supplied the┬ánecessary┬ácode at the bottom of this post, and even though it’s not my code, it’s quite awesome. Just save it as a custom function in your database with the name “cfCode128” and with inputs “pString” and “pCodeSet”.

So once you have the function setup, use it to convert data in a field and apply a Code 128 font, like this one.

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