FileMaker: Plastic 2 & First Data API

I use the Plastic plug-in from 360Works to do credit card processing within FileMaker. It’s a daunting task at first, but once it is setup, it’s absolutely great. This guide explains how to setup a First Data credit card gateway API for use with FileMaker using the Plastic 2 plug-in.


From First Data you will first need to download the Web API from their site.

Inside the file you’ll find multiple certificates and passwords.
We need three files:

First Data API Certs
These are the files you will get from First Data

In XXX.auth.txt there is our username and password.
Use this in the CCProcessPayment function.
We’ll need to add XXX.ks to our database inside a container file. Is used in the CCSetCertificate function.

FileMaker Functions

CCSetCertificate ( _plastic::firstdata_cert ; "" )
CCProcessPayment (
"XXX.auth.txt_Username"; //Merchant Account User ID
"XXX.auth.txt_Password"; //Password
$amt ; //Charge Amount
$cardnum ; //Card Number
$exp_date ; //Card Expiration Date
"verificationCode=" & $cw2 ; //Check Verification Code
//Optional Information
"chargeDescription=" & "Order " & INVOICES::Order Number;
"invoiceNumber=" & INVOICES::Invoice ID;
"firstName=" & Customer::B_FirstName;
"lastName=" & Customer::B_LastName;
"country=" & Customer::B_Country;
"zip=" & Customer::B_PostalCode;

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