Snazzy Peer-to-Peer In Your Browser

I am really impressed with this little piece of software made by Patrick Williams over at bittorrent.

Paddleover allows you to share your files with anyone in the world using the power of torrents, but is simple enough for even the most basic of users to understand.


In this image you can see me, and the user “Patrick” sharing files with each other. I currently have none shared, but Patrick has four. I can browse those files, and choice to download them if I want. To grab a file, I just click and drag it over to my name, and it is automatically added to my download folder on my computer. Pretty snazzy!

This circle view can be expanded into sharing multiple files with multiple people, each with their own folder select shared content. Each computer is now like a remote hard disk, but using a torrent backend to transmit the data. I would like to see this simple method applied to content distribution of digital products, like videos and games.

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