Setting Pidgin and Google Talk (GTalk) with A Custom Domain

Pidgin IM LogoPidgin does a great job of connecting all the chat & IM protocols together, and is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux (yeah!), plus it’s open-source and free! Its interface is dead-simple, but sometimes its setup can be confusing for beginners.

If you have a custom email domain for your gmail account, setting up to use Google Talk through Pidgin needs a couple extra tweaks to the settings. Follow these easy steps to get started.

Account Setup

Basic Settings:

  • Select the GTalk protocol (or XMPP)
  • Username is your custom gmail user name; everything before the “@” mark.
  • Domain is your custom domain; everything after the “@” mark in your email.
  • Password is your email password.

Advanced Settings:

  • Select “old-style SSL” in the Connection security drop-down menu.
  • Connection port should be set to “5223”.
  • Connect Server is Google’s server, so “”.

You should now be able to connect to Google’s chat server using your custom domain used with your email.

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