How to test a website’s SSL using terminal and cURL

Basic cURL

curl -svo /dev/null

Performance cURL

curl -svo /dev/null -w "\nContent Type: %{content_type} \
\nHTTP Code: %{http_code} \
\nHTTP Connect:%{http_connect} \
\nNumber Connects: %{num_connects} \
\nNumber Redirects: %{num_redirects} \
\nRedirect URL: %{redirect_url} \
\nSize Download: %{size_download} \
\nSize Upload: %{size_upload} \
\nSSL Verify: %{ssl_verify_result} \
\nTime Handshake: %{time_appconnect} \
\nTime Connect: %{time_connect} \
\nName Lookup Time: %{time_namelookup} \
\nTime Pretransfer: %{time_pretransfer} \
\nTime Redirect: %{time_redirect} \
\nTime Start Transfer: %{time_starttransfer} \
\nTime Total: %{time_total} \
\nEffective URL: %{url_effective}\n" 2>&1

Source: https://curl.haxx.se

Enable Tab Completion on Mac OS X Terminal

The Mac OS Terminal doesn’t have tab completion enabled by default. If you find yourself using the terminal often, you’ll want to turn this feature on, since it’s a pretty awesome way to make your life a little easier.

First, launch Terminal and enter

cd ~/ && nano .inputrc

Paste in the following three lines of rules:

set completion-ignore-case on
set show-all-if-ambiguous on
TAB: menu-complete

Press Control+X then Y to exit and save changes.

Close and relaunch Terminal for Tab Completion to be enabled.

Mac OS: Split-Tunnel VPN

So you’ve already setup a VPN connection to your home or office, but then you realize that you either can’t connect to your VPN network, or you can’t connect to the internet. If you want to have access to both, you’ll need to setup a split-tunnel. On a Mac this is a bit more frustrating than on a Windows machine, so I’ve used some script-foo to make it easier.

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FileMaker: Plastic 2 & First Data API

I use the Plastic plug-in from 360Works to do credit card processing within FileMaker. It’s a daunting task at first, but once it is setup, it’s absolutely great. This guide explains how to setup a First Data credit card gateway API for use with FileMaker using the Plastic 2 plug-in.

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